Organize and Set Up Your Event through Drip

The use of marketing automation in the planning of events is the easiest and affordable marketing tools. Drip Email automation has great tools like marketing campaign tools, subscribers list, lead generation among others, which makes planning, organization, and set up effective and efficient. The success of your event is determined by the high number of participation; marketing automation tools improves the scope of participants and spreads the message through various platforms about the event with awesome Email marketing campaigns. The various stages of planning your event marketing automation is there for you. Aside from Drip Email Automation, you can choose between Convertkit and Leadpages to make sure what would be the best for you. Here are the key stages Email marketing automation helps you while putting the event in order.


The software has various tools, which allow you to customized your Email campaigns to suit both new and existing customers and address them by their name using the automated system. Once a client signs up for any product the software registers the Email in a database for all communications and categorize them for relevant campaigns. Once you have built the posters for your event. You can use the software to send the Email and make a follow up on all actions the clients makes for timely actions on your end. The automated system makes clients valued and all queries answered using the instant automated feature. Apart from Emails, it also has instant messaging and social media integration for communication purposes as well as spread a word about the event.


Once you have sent the word about the event, you need to put everything in order since you have an idea of participation. You could also schedule reminder Emails probably twice in a week for any offers the event might have. This keeps your customers on toes and you are able to use psychological skills to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign you sent earlier. Research shows that using Drip, by Rob Walling increases the rate of participation for your event. People who sign up for newsletters have a great possibility for sales conversion due to the convincing power of the drip Email. The wordings and the frequency of the drip matters a lot in the organization of the event, do not send too many Emails, it becomes a nuisance and shows desperation. Efficient use will attract more clients through referrals and share facility on various social media platforms integrated into the software.


The idea behind drip email automation is to walk with an undecided client on whether to attend the event or not. Use the software wisely to educate the client on the benefits of the event and reasons why they cannot afford to miss. This makes the highest conversion rate in the sales and marketing platform. Market the needs and benefits, automatically
the customer will see the value of attending the event.

Monitoring and Evaluation

After the success of the event, use the subscriber’s list to update your clients on upcoming events, products or services. It shows gratitude and customer value such that any future marketing campaign becomes easier to convince them to attend.

Drip marketing features like automated CRM tools, email campaigns, newsletters, subscriptions, E-courses have become effective in logistics of any event.