An athlete in the morning, pub party goers at night

Being an athlete in the morning and a party animal at night is something everyone wants to be good at. And why not it’s a weird yet a handy skill. Few can manage to look fresh after partying all night at pubs or bars without lying hungover, huddled in a corner.

Those few include the athletes, as their resistance against alcoholic drinks is stronger as compared to any random human being who does not do sports. Athletes are stronger and can manage to look fresh the very next morning like they had the sunshine for breakfast.

You have probably woken up for office with a sour taste and awful smell and thrown up a couple of times and have had the lemon juice to shun the after effects of partying all night. Sobering up isn’t exactly easy. Here’s what you must do: Drink plenty of water Drink as much water as your belly can hold to get over the drunkenness. You probably fell asleep slouched on a couch and have the hangover the next morning. You grab a glass and drink water and if your body doesn’t allow you that much water, get yourself a bottle of flavored water. Avoid in any case, the waters with added sugar.

Eat Yes, even if you don’t quite feel like eating. Eat, because your body needs its proper nourishment. Once, you have restored your lost energy you’ll eventually feel better and active once again. However, avoid junk foods and go healthy foods that have protein, go for vegetables and fruits instead. Because junk food will only make nausea much worse and you have a job to keep and a boss to impress with your overall good performance. Fruits and vegetables will give you the minerals and vitamins you lost.

Never eat too much either. Always eat in smaller portions. Caffeine Take black coffee in the morning but don’t take too much coffee either. Caffeinated drinks are said to dehydrate you which is why if you start your day with coffee after a hangover keep drinking water too. However, try not to take too much sugar in your coffee. Do not even go near coffee after 3 pm as it can d serious damage to your sleep cycle.

Exercise If you’re an athlete you probably know the importance of going for a run after you haul your butt out of your blankets. Fresh air is important for your respiration as well as after a hung over it will help deal with nausea. Even if not much go out for a little while and if not run walk briskly.

Exercising helps deal with nausea. Not only will it deal with nausea but you’ll feel like energetic. If you’re a ping pong player go out for a game at you and your buddy’s favorite ping pong place and play with a killerspin revolution SVR table tennis table( Ping Pong ( helps with reflexes and focus hence, a god way to start your day.

Take a Bath After a run and a cup of coffee take a bath. You obviously need to deal with your physical appearance. Washing up would not only help maintain your appearance but also your mental health. You’ll feel bright and fresh like you actually had the sunshine for breakfast.