How to organize your pub party and nightlife escape

In life, you have to take some time away from your schedule to just unwind and have fun. The worry is the best place to go and
enjoy yourself. This is the gap that most entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry fill. If you have a chance to organize a pub party to make revelers go through the nightlife, you have to consider the following issues to become successful.

Persistence in maintaining your brand

You do not just need people for that party; you need them always even when they come as individuals. What will make people choose your pub for that party? In most cases, people will always think of your pub simply because they once had an amazing experience while there. You
have to choose a pub which is renowned for offering excellent services. In addition, they must give you value for your money.

Ample space

This is a party and not a conference meeting where you need people to sit in one place and just enjoy. A good pub for
a party must have space where people who just want to sit and enjoy the music can do so with ease. Those who want to have fun by dancing in a dimly-lit dance hall to make them also enjoy the moment. Choose a space which accommodates all revelers without feeling a bit squeezed or stuffy.

Good entertainment

The power of a party lies in its ability to have a good collection of music. You attract a variety of people with different tastes of music genres. You have to outsource a good DJ who understands what entertainment is all about. You can incorporate many DJs, in fact, people tend to come to the party when they know the type of entertainment they expect in the function. Go an extra mile and invite a well-known DJ to add glamour to the pub party.

A variety of drinks

Yes, it is a pub party. You expect people to come and drink to their fill. It will be a disappointment when people come to the party only to find that they favorite dinks miss in the venue. You have to ensure at least all common brands are available for people to enjoy themselves. Moreover, this is a planned party, you know who to expect, on the invitation, and you can put a polite notice on the type of drink they wish to have to help you
for planning purposes.

Diverse activities

You can have a difference in this party by having new activities for revelers. The activities must be in line with what people expect out of a pub party. Some of them include dancing competitions, fee drinks for the best dresses participant, a song dedication among others.

Nightlife is meant for fun away from all the daily hassles. You must engage the audience in fun activities to ensure they keep entertained until they just get surprised that it is already morning. You are there to market yourself as an event organizer. The success of this party gives you insights and more market for additional business.

Are you planning a woodworker’s party: here are a few tips

Woodworks require creativity and artistic skills; it involves the mind, time, failure and success. At the end of the day, the beautiful designs from the work of your hands need a toss of wine if not a party. Celebration motivates you; when people come together to have fun because of Do It Yourself (DIY) could be a start of your professional career as a woodworker. You just need a simple token of appreciation to realize your potential in woodworking.

What makes you a better woodworker?

Use of tools

You have to use the right tools for the right job. Each tool is designed with a purpose, like invest in the traditional and modern tools to incorporate vintage and modernity in your design to suits the modern market characterized by the digital technology.

Have professional skills

Learning has no limit. Invest in your brain. Yes you have the artistic skills but if you are to move the skill to a higher level especially of you have to meet the high-end market, you need to attend some short courses on woodwork. It will give you an upper hand in getting unlimited designs. Use the internet and other digital tools like woodwork design software to incorporate with your very own. The woodwork will be top-notch- more reasons to celebrate.

Join forums

How will you know how to made saw Models( if you do not interact with like-minded individuals for your woodworks? The social media platforms help in this, the online audiovisual media like YouTube even have videos of woodworks from start to finish ideal for craftsmen.

How can you celebrate the success of your woodwork projects?

Food and drinks are a norm for any party. Make it better by having tasty and delicious recipes that accommodate diverse taste of visitors. To make it memorable, have a toast of wine it will add fun to the party. What of a dance? Open the dance floor and allow your visitors to take the show as they shout your name, after all, you are the reason you are there. Crown the celebration by cake cutting a woodwork themed cake.

Why have people come to celebrate, the DIY projects? You do not just wake up to plan a party, ensure you have some designs to showcase. If you are planning to take the woodwork to a commercial level then, the guests to the party are your ambassadors and passive marketing strategy.

To add fun to the party, why not play a game whether it is an indoor game or a board game or an outdoor game. It makes the party have a difference. If you do not engage your guests with access to social media on smartphones, everyone will bury themselves to their phone either updating themselves on social media or play a video game.

Crown the whole event by speeches from other woodworkers for them to share their experience. Your guests will come out with either something better in woodwork or make good use of their talents and artistic skills which they procrastinate to explore to commercial levels.

An athlete in the morning, pub party goers at night

Being an athlete in the morning and a party animal at night is something everyone wants to be good at. And why not it’s a weird yet a handy skill. Few can manage to look fresh after partying all night at pubs or bars without lying hungover, huddled in a corner.

Those few include the athletes, as their resistance against alcoholic drinks is stronger as compared to any random human being who does not do sports. Athletes are stronger and can manage to look fresh the very next morning like they had the sunshine for breakfast.

You have probably woken up for office with a sour taste and awful smell and thrown up a couple of times and have had the lemon juice to shun the after effects of partying all night. Sobering up isn’t exactly easy. Here’s what you must do: Drink plenty of water Drink as much water as your belly can hold to get over the drunkenness. You probably fell asleep slouched on a couch and have the hangover the next morning. You grab a glass and drink water and if your body doesn’t allow you that much water, get yourself a bottle of flavored water. Avoid in any case, the waters with added sugar.

Eat Yes, even if you don’t quite feel like eating. Eat, because your body needs its proper nourishment. Once, you have restored your lost energy you’ll eventually feel better and active once again. However, avoid junk foods and go healthy foods that have protein, go for vegetables and fruits instead. Because junk food will only make nausea much worse and you have a job to keep and a boss to impress with your overall good performance. Fruits and vegetables will give you the minerals and vitamins you lost.

Never eat too much either. Always eat in smaller portions. Caffeine Take black coffee in the morning but don’t take too much coffee either. Caffeinated drinks are said to dehydrate you which is why if you start your day with coffee after a hangover keep drinking water too. However, try not to take too much sugar in your coffee. Do not even go near coffee after 3 pm as it can d serious damage to your sleep cycle.

Exercise If you’re an athlete you probably know the importance of going for a run after you haul your butt out of your blankets. Fresh air is important for your respiration as well as after a hung over it will help deal with nausea. Even if not much go out for a little while and if not run walk briskly.

Exercising helps deal with nausea. Not only will it deal with nausea but you’ll feel like energetic. If you’re a ping pong player go out for a game at you and your buddy’s favorite ping pong place and play with a killerspin revolution SVR table tennis table( Ping Pong ( helps with reflexes and focus hence, a god way to start your day.

Take a Bath After a run and a cup of coffee take a bath. You obviously need to deal with your physical appearance. Washing up would not only help maintain your appearance but also your mental health. You’ll feel bright and fresh like you actually had the sunshine for breakfast.

Organize and Set Up Your Event through Drip

The use of marketing automation in the planning of events is the easiest and affordable marketing tools. Drip Email automation has great tools like marketing campaign tools, subscribers list, lead generation among others, which makes planning, organization, and set up effective and efficient. The success of your event is determined by the high number of participation; marketing automation tools improves the scope of participants and spreads the message through various platforms about the event with awesome Email marketing campaigns. The various stages of planning your event marketing automation is there for you. Aside from Drip Email Automation, you can choose between Convertkit and Leadpages to make sure what would be the best for you. Here are the key stages Email marketing automation helps you while putting the event in order.


The software has various tools, which allow you to customized your Email campaigns to suit both new and existing customers and address them by their name using the automated system. Once a client signs up for any product the software registers the Email in a database for all communications and categorize them for relevant campaigns. Once you have built the posters for your event. You can use the software to send the Email and make a follow up on all actions the clients makes for timely actions on your end. The automated system makes clients valued and all queries answered using the instant automated feature. Apart from Emails, it also has instant messaging and social media integration for communication purposes as well as spread a word about the event.


Once you have sent the word about the event, you need to put everything in order since you have an idea of participation. You could also schedule reminder Emails probably twice in a week for any offers the event might have. This keeps your customers on toes and you are able to use psychological skills to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign you sent earlier. Research shows that using Drip, by Rob Walling increases the rate of participation for your event. People who sign up for newsletters have a great possibility for sales conversion due to the convincing power of the drip Email. The wordings and the frequency of the drip matters a lot in the organization of the event, do not send too many Emails, it becomes a nuisance and shows desperation. Efficient use will attract more clients through referrals and share facility on various social media platforms integrated into the software.


The idea behind drip email automation is to walk with an undecided client on whether to attend the event or not. Use the software wisely to educate the client on the benefits of the event and reasons why they cannot afford to miss. This makes the highest conversion rate in the sales and marketing platform. Market the needs and benefits, automatically
the customer will see the value of attending the event.

Monitoring and Evaluation

After the success of the event, use the subscriber’s list to update your clients on upcoming events, products or services. It shows gratitude and customer value such that any future marketing campaign becomes easier to convince them to attend.

Drip marketing features like automated CRM tools, email campaigns, newsletters, subscriptions, E-courses have become effective in logistics of any event.



Best Toilets For Party Goers

The best way to celebrate any huge event or milestone in life is by hosting a party. A party is great because it allows you to celebrate with other people who you love and care about. You can invite whoever you want and do whatever fun activities you want with them. Throwing a party is also a great way to show your influence and position in society. A big party indicates that you are financially very well-off. One of the easiest ways of ensuring the success of your party is by keeping good food. Everyone enjoys a great meal. It’s often said that the stomach is the way to a person’s heart. If people like your party, chances are, that they’ll like you as well.

There many different tasty types of foods which you could serve. Which type of cuisine you should go with will depend a lot on the guests who are coming. If they’re young teenagers, they’ll enjoy something full of cheese such as pizza and pasta; if they’re Indian, they’ll want hot and spicy food. Rich, aristocratic people would enjoy classy continental food like steak or exotic cuisines like Thai food.

Regardless of which type of food or what drinks you serve, many of the people at the party will need to use a toilet. The toilet is the only room in a house or a building where a person has the freedom to urinate or excrete stools. The room is equipped with a commode which is capable of collecting all this unwanted matter from a person and flushing it into a tank from where it enters into the sewage system. This commode can usually be pretty uncomfortable to sit in for tall people. That’s why you should try and arrange for an Elongated Toilet from American Standard to ensure that every person at the party has an equally enjoyable experience when using the toilet, regardless of height.

While the toilet is also used for taking showers and brushing teeth. Most people at a party only use it for excretion, washing their hands, touching up their makeup or setting their hair. The latter functions are possible because of every toilet is fitted with a wash basin. This wash basin has a tap from which warm and cold water can come out. In front of the basin, on the wall, there’s a mirror. The toilet is typically one of the only rooms which is guaranteed to have a mirror, the other being the dressing room.

Most mirrors and taps are pretty similar to each other so they’re not really worth discussing. What does differ a lot from model to model is the commode. There are many different types of commodes being sold in the market by different brands currently. If you want a trustworthy brand whose products will serve you in the long run, there’s no better name to go with than Toto. Toto toilets are both robust and affordable. The Toto reviewed here on this site is actually one of the best toilets. It’s flushing mechanism is easy to activate and the toilet seat is pretty comfortable. What earns it an easy recommendation, though, is the fact that it is very easy to clean. It’s one of the best toilets to have at a party for the guests to use.

Special Events

Saturday, September 7th, 2013
@ This n’ That (TNT)
108 North 6th Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Whitney Day Events & dapperQ Present:

** CATWALK 718 **
A NEW YORK FASHION WEEK Event for Lesbians & GBTQA’s

Lesbians & GBTQ’s are going through a Fashion Revolution! This change of the times is marked by a spike in new brands and designers focused on our (often forgotten by the fashion world) community, the signing of transgender/gender-neutral models to top agencies, and major press! The New York Times featured DapperQ in an article on clothes, styles, and designs geared towards masculine-leaning lesbians & trendsetting gender-benders who are paving the way!

Combining music, culture, fashion and community, Whitney Day Events and DapperQ has teamed up to bring you the ONLY NY Fashion Week event curated just for you!

PLUS it’s a BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION FOR Whitney Day!!! Come show YOUR DJ some ♥ ♥ ♥

DapperQ (
Whitney Day Events (

** Featuring **
– a Live Fashion Show featuring up-and-coming DapperQ approved Brands, Designs & Models
– Tons of Fly Clothing & Accessory Give-Aways
– Dope DJs
– Crazy cheap Drink Specials All Night
– Fierce (but friendly) Bartenders
– Smile – Photo Booth!
– All at the Newest LGBTQ Hot-Spot in NYC! (Same Owners as Nowhere Bar, Metropolitan Bar & Sugarland Nightclub!)

Dapper Dress Encouraged – Show Off those Threads!
21+ / $5 Before 11pm, $10 After
Located THREE Blocks from the “L” Train @ Bedford Avenue, (Only ONE Stop From Manhattan, in Prime Williamsburg)

Hurom Juicers are best to use for an event

A cup of juice, as you welcome your guests at the event, creates a welcoming environment and gives a positive mind to look forward to a great day. However, the type of juicer matters a lot. You do not need a juicer, which will not sieve all the ingredients of the fruits leaving guests always spitting residues. Hurom juicers offer the best juicing experience. Juices in events are overtaking soft drinks because of the healthy nutrients recommended by health experts. Hurom juicer manufacturers offer all models of juices to meet all juicing needs.

So, what makes Hurom stand out?


The 40 years the juicer has been in existence, they have embraced technology dynamism in the innovation of their juices to their current taste of modern juicers. The mechanism of the juicers ensures there are little wastage and maintenance of the nutritive value of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Slow movement while squeezing

The current technology is characterized by equipment functioning faster, but have you taken a critical look at the damage the fast chippings costs? Take oranges for example, when you chop off the entire white membrane in the name of cutting to squeeze the juices, where do your customers get the fibers? Hurom juicers use slow movement juicing to ensure all nutrients are maintained and there is little wastage. In the end, the juice has a natural taste and no need for any additive. Event participants will enjoy the awesome juice and appreciate what the end has to offer.


The taste and outward look of the juice lie in the color. Because of the slow squeeze motion, Humor juicers maintain the color of the fruits and taste as well. Imagine having an orange juice which is white in color, it is a total turn off.


Humor juicers do not choose on what fruits it can process. The grinders are strong enough to handle bananas and nuts and still produce a smooth texture on the drinks with no residues. The inbuilt motor power ensures it provides enough power to sustain the juicing task and provide the best quality juice. Party revelers can enjoy a variety of juices to quench their thirst.

Type of material

Some of the materials used are the ones used for spaceships meaning they are a waterproof and sure way that you have the right food content without any contamination. Bear in mind, you are making juice for diverse people who might even be allergic. Humor juice offers the right taste of the juices.

User friendly

The machine is easy to use with no complex features in their operation. It is a plug and use equipment with all the compartments self-sustainable. You mix and wait for the result at the last compartment ready for usage.

Any event organizer should invest in Humor Juicers[]to quench the thirst of their guests with healthy drinks. The fact that it does not choose the fruits to crush, you are sure of the quality of the juice.

What are the preferences of people in Columbiana- a House party or event in a fast food restaurant?

The high number of dieticians and nutritionists in Columbiana County is a clear indication of poor eating habits for these county men.  A higher percentage engage in fast food restaurants and it according to there are many fast food restaurants in Columbiana County than any other state in the United States. You can enjoy your celebration or parties without engaging in unhealthy diets, however, party hosts have to incorporate all these because of diverse tastes from their guests. We want to take a critical look at house party and fast food meals and make your own judgment on the best meal for your diet.

Calorie intake

Fast food is always a quick fix diet, which does not check a number of calories one consumes in a meal. Barbecue, pizzas, crisps and the like are high in calories and this means most of them are stored as fat in the body increasing the chance of obesity and related illnesses.So keep away from Taco at affordable price, affordable priced food are more likely has a lot of calories. You will realize at the end of the day you have taken meals rich in carbohydrates and left out vegetables and fruits, which have essential vitamins essential for proper functioning of the body leading to deficiency illnesses like osteoporosis, arthritis and the like. On the other hand, house parties considers the variety of foods to cater for their guests, since the party is in the comfort of their homes, they are able to incorporate all the healthy meals because of convenience.

Method of food preparation

Fast food restaurant are there to make profits, the easier the method of cooking the better since they save time and fuel. Since they also have to make the variety of menu plans they will try as much as possible and use grilling method which is known for unhealthy diet- to some extent causes cancer though not yet proved. House party food preparation will use boiling, steaming and grilling in food preparation since their main aim is to ensure the guests are satisfied.

Controlled eating

When going out for a fast food restaurant, you are limited to the food to eat this may be due to cost and many other factors. The possibility of indulging in an unhealthy diet is high since you have to quench your thirst and hunger. In the house party, indulging in the unhealthy diet is a choice, since the guest can always go back to fix a meal to suit your need. At times even allow you to go to the kitchen and prepare the food of choice as you factor in calorie intake especially when you are on a strict diet. You will enjoy the event without any sense of guilt in fast food indulgence.

Despite all these, some fast foods have seen the gap and prepare more healthy meals to meet the demand for healthy eating habits. The choice of the food to consume whether in a house party or fast food restaurant entirely lies on an individual. Always eat healthy for both physical and mental fitness.


Be fit and healthy, set up a home training event

Personal fitness should not be a costly affair people have to be innovative and creative to make home gyms within their homes to work out in the comfort of their homes and at their convenience. A Train at home event will be an ideal platform to educate citizens on how to go about setting up a home gym for the sake of personal fitness training. Not all fitness plans suits every age and gender, there are some factors which you need to consider before you embark on any fitness program whether at home or at a commercial gym (

Some of the factors include:

  • Age
  • Underlying health conditions
  • Goal of the workout
  • Financial capability to purchase home gym equipment
  • Certification from an Allied Health professional

Activities to engage in the home gym must be able to work out all body muscles as a group or as individual to achieve your goal and at the same time ensure there is balance in workouts. The areas to consider include

  • Cardiac exercise
  • Muscular resistance and strength
  • Flexibility
  • Muscular endurance

A fitness program should be in stages they include:

Warm up

To ensure the body is prepared for the task ahead.


To maintain muscle endurance and muscular strength capability.

Cool down

To heal the muscles used in the training.


To allow the body to recover after a workout.

Basic equipment for the home gym

Barbells and dumb bells

This is the most affordable equipment used for muscular strength training. They are used for different workout programs to achieve different goals. They are easy and occupy a small space within your home gym. In addition, it caters for all household but avoids kids from using them because of the heavy weights, which is a great risk when mishandled.

Exercise ball

This is an inflated ball, which can take various shapes and sizes though stable during workouts. It helps to work out different muscles of different parts of the body to achieve great workout results. A unique feature of the workout is the ability to exercise at home while resting, eating and even watching television. You can deflate it after use to save on storage space

Resistance bands

This is simple equipment but offers marvelous workout results with the elasticity and ability to increase frequency and motion of movement ideal for strength training of the upper and lower limbs.

Suspension system

In just below $30, you can purchase a suspension system to help you run a cardiac and muscular exercise with ease without paying subscriptions to achieve the same result at the commercial gym.


A home gym offers a cheap way of workout and the comfort of working out at your convenience. However, it needs the discipline to stick to workout schedules. Use a gym expert to help you set up the best home gym with your overall workout goal in mind. The home gym can be used by all household since there is no restriction in access.